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Telehealth Doctor

First available telehealth doctor

Speak to an online doctor within 15 minutes for a wide variety of health needs. Medical certificates, prescriptions, and more.  

Nurse Practitioner

Covid-19 Prescriptions

Speak to an online Nurse Practitioner for Covid-19 consultations, and antiviral prescriptions. Medicare rebates available.

Online Psychologist

Onine Counselling and Psychology

Make an appointment to speak with an experienced online Psychologist. Medicare rebates and Bulk billing available with valid Mental Health Plans. 

Online Dietitian

Dietary advice and meal plans

Speak to a dietitian fo weight management and dietary advised for diabetes and general health imrovement. Medicare rebates available with valid Care Plans. 

Online Dentist

Dental advice and treatments

Needing general or urgent dental advice? Our online dentist can help provide advice over the phone. Make an appointment to speak to our dentist today.