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Join the Teldoc Pharmacy Network: Boost Patient Numbers & Scripts (It’s Free!)

Increase patient satisfaction, capture urgent Rx sales, and elevate your pharmacy services – all for free!

Here’s how joining the Teldoc Pharmacy Network benefits your business:

  • Happy Patients, Higher Numbers: Offer a convenient solution for urgent needs. Patients can connect with a doctor 7 days per week, through Teldoc’s secure platform, all within 15 minutes, without leaving your store! This keeps them happy and loyal to your pharmacy.
  • Capture More Scripts: No more lost sales due to inconvenient doctor access. With Teldoc, patients can get a diagnosis and e-prescription sent directly to your pharmacy, leading to increased dispensing revenue.
  • Free Promotion & Support: Get listed on Teldoc’s directory, attracting new customers searching for pharmacies in their location. Teldoc can also provide support for your staff’s medical questions (Call reception for details).

There are absolutely no fees or contracts involved! Joining the Teldoc Pharmacy Network is a simple way to:

  • Enhance the services you offer patients.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase potential revenue through captured urgent Rx sales.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to learn more about our program and how your pharmacy can participate. Let’s work together to provide a more convenient and efficient healthcare experience for your patients!

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Feel free to print our posters and pamphlets to share with your patients. Booking for a telehealth consult can be easily made online or over the phone!