Online Prescriptions

Speak to a doctor within 15 minutes and have your prescription in your email instantly.

Whether your prescription repeats have finished or you require a course of antibiotics for a cough, skin infection, or UTI, we've got you covered with our online prescription consultations.

New prescriptions

Needing a new script? We can help with a variety of medications, including antibiotics, antivirals, contraceptives, and more.

We offer new prescriptions for many conditions, including acute infections, such as UTI's, coughs, and gastro, to chronic conditions, including reflux and diabetes.  

Prescription refills

Have your prescription repeats finished or expired? Don't stress, our online doctors are here to help.

We understand that getting an appointment with a doctor at short notice can be challenging, especially when you urgently need medications. We can provide your repeat scripts instantly.

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